You Are Wallpaper

You Are Wallpaper, Nothing’s Changed

Media and imagery within the fashion industry is something to which we are constantly exposed. On the surface, it dictates the current desired looks and gives us the insight of being “fashion-forward.” However, all the magic and nuance within advertising, much more is being conveyed to the consumer. Body language and body positioning expose more about what is being sold than the featured product (which surprisingly isn’t the focal point of many advertisements).  Through a ‘tearing-away’ process, my goal is to break down these idealized images after the layers of marketing have been stripped from the surface. The end result leaves us with the faded outlines of women carefully posed either against a stark background of nothingness, amongst commodity items, or juxtapose to men whose facial expressions show haunting disdain. More so than any item featured, WE become the featured product and WE become subject to the image of what mainstream society expects us to fulfill. We remain ornamental.

2013*. Mixed-Media.
*This is a continuing project. 

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